PeakLABS is a small independent application developer, based in Brisbane, Australia. We have a small team of 1, me! My name is Peter and I’ve been programming for many years, and finally decided to finish off and release some apps I have been working on. I named this venture PeakLABS because I’m a keen snowboarder, and have kicking ideas around for snow-related apps too!

I’ve programmed in many fields over the years, including 3D graphics and stock market software.

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Lately I specialise in cross platform mobile development. The only true cross platform language is C++ as it compiles on all major platforms without much difficulty. I believe in building apps with native C++ code and developing the UI of the app in whatever native language and platform is required. Check the apps I’ve released, more are in the works! If you’re looking for support, please check the relevant apps page.

If you’ve been looking for someone to develop an application for your business, or have an idea for that next killer app, don’t leave it to someone overseas who you’ll never meet and have trouble understanding! Contact me today!