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The Missing Link between your devices!

Every household now has multiple smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. Some devices you are used at home, others are used on the go. Some you take photos with, others you listen to music from. You have tons of hard drive space sitting at home.

Take control of them with Missing Link!

  • Remote control your PC from your phones, tablets and other PCs
  • Share clipboard data between any of your devices
  • Open links on any of your devices
  • Copy files between any devices, as it’s a peer to peer architecture
  • Sync files automatically without you lifting a finger
  • Sleep and Wake your devices remotely
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Download Missing Link

Runs on many devices

Android Windows Linux Currently you can download Missing Link for Windows, Linux and Android (Linux version is still Beta). Soon Mac OSX and iOS will also be supported, check back often, or let us know what OS you would like Missing Link to run on.

Remote Control

Missing Link is the perfect Home Theatre PC (HTPC) solution:

  • Your touch screen becomes a remote touch pad with multi-touch gestures (zoom, scroll, right click) to control your mouse.
  • Remote keyboard
  • Media buttons such as play/pause, next/previous
  • Volume control (on screen, and using your devices hardware buttons too!)
  • Shortcuts to shut down, sleep or reboot your PC (Pro feature)
  • You can wake your sleeping devices using Wake-On-Lan (Pro feature)
  • Shake your device for the screen to turn on and have the remote available
  • PC version can now also remote control other devices! (Pro feature)

The remote was designed to be a single remote that can control everything on your PC. Some other solutions out there have a separate remote for every program, but do you have a separate keyboard and mouse for each program?

What’s more, while watching a movie and your phone screen turns off, all Missing Link needs to come back to life is for you to pick up the device. No need to unlock your phone or enter your PIN, as you pick up your phone, the screen comes back on and you can control your PC instantly.


Convenient File Transfer

Why must we connect our phones to our computers with USB to download photos manually? Did you remember to copy that new song to the device you’re taking with you today?

With Missing Link you can copy files between any of your devices, phone to tablet, laptop to phone, desktop to laptop. The device in your hand at the moment can do what you want. No need to walk over to your desktop computer to copy something to your phone.

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No Clouds

Instead of uploading your family photos to someones server on the other side of the world and hoping they don’t look at them, or put them on billboards without your knowledge, why not upload them to your computer at home?

We currently have to back up content created on our mobile devices (such as photos, videos and audio recordings) manually to our PCs at home. Missing Link will copy it to your PCs or laptops the moment you walk in the door, without you doing anything.

Peer To Peer

Most solutions out there already are client-server. Your PC acts as a server, and your device connects to it only. Missing Link is peer to peer, meaning there is no client or server. Every device can talk to every other device.This means you can copy and sync files between a phone and tablet, 2 windows laptops, or between laptops and phones/tablets in any configuration. s4-devices_framed

Written in native code

For speed and preserving battery life, the internal core of Missing Link is written in native C++ code. This way you don’t have the laggy feel associated with running managed Java or C# applications.

Only install one program on your PC

Existing solutions out there require you to install one program to act as a remote control server on your computer. Another to act as a file server for WiFi downloading. Perhaps you’d also need to install a syncing server. You also need a backup application on your computer. Why not just install one tool – Missing Link, which can do all of the above?

We are always looking to make Missing Link better

Is there something you’d like Missing Link to do that it doesn’t currently? Please use our feature request page and we will look at incorporating your request in a future version!

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