Android Permissions

Android Permissions Explained

Missing Link requires several permissions set in Android. Here is an explanation of which ones and why they are required.

  • In-app purchases
    Required for purchasing Missing Link Pro features
  • Device & app history
    Only used to see if Missing Link is already running
  • Photos/Media/Files
    For reading and writing files when transferring
  • View Wi-Fi state, Wi-Fi connection information
    To check if connection can be made
  • Wi-Fi state, Wi-Fi Multicast reception
    For discovering Missing Link on other devices
  • Start at boot
    Self explanitory
  • Full internet access
    For accessing in-app purchase service and Missing Link website
  • Prevent device from sleeping
    When remote app is used and the shake-to-enable option is set. Otherwise Missing Link does not interfere with sleeping state so should not degrade battery life

Missing Link does not transmit personally identifiable information and does not access any of your files/folders unless you are browsing, copying or syncing.