Download Missing Link

Missing Link is designed from the ground up to run on many operating systems. Currently it’s supported on Windows, Linux and Android, but new operating systems are coming soon. See a list of changes here.

Select your download below:

Mobile Devices
Android Missing Link for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
Make sure you update Missing Link on your desktop OS. The new release (12 October 2014) requires desktop versions to be re-installed with the download available below
Get it on Google Play
Desktop Versions
Windows Click here to download Missing Link for Windows.
Re-written from scratch! Updated 5th May 2015.
NOTE: If warnings are shown for the download and installation, please disregard them. Missing Link has not yet gone through a signing process, so some browsers bring up unnecessary warnings!
Linux Click here to download Missing Link for Linux.
Just released!
NOTE: The Linux version is a beta version – if you find any bugs please report them! So far it has mainly been tested on Ubuntu. To install, simply un-tar the downloaded file and use the included shell script to start it.
Other Downloads
Firefox add-on Click here to download and install
Firefox add-on to make sharing links and selected text to the clipboard easier. Only works with Desktop version or above!