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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to set up Missing Link?

Simply install it on every device. When Missing Link starts on each device it will find the other devices automatically.

What should I do after installation?

To get the most out of Missing Link you will have to create shared folders on each device to allow other devices to access its files. Then you can set up sync rules on each device so it can send or receive files automatically from the shares you created. After all the hard work, sit back and watch a movie on one of your devices, and remote control it with Missing Link!

Why can’t I see one of my Missing Link devices in the device list?

Once you have installed Missing Link it should detect other devices running Missing Link on your WiFi network within a few seconds of starting. If it’s not working, here is a list of what to check for:

  • WiFi must be enabled
  • Some devices turn off their WiFi after a period of inactivity to save power. Either unlock the device if it’s not showing, or on Android change “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” to “Always” in advanced WiFi settings. Missing Link does not force anything to stay on so your battery usage doesn’t increase
  • The devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network
  • The WiFi network must allow broadcast UDP packets between devices (For example if devices are on a different sub net, some routers won’t forward broadcast UDP packets to the other subnet). Also, unfortunately some open/free WiFi providers or Hotel room WiFi services limit connectivity between devices
  • Windows Firewall or any other firewalls must allow UDP packets between devices on the Discovery Port (as set on each device)
  • All devices must have the same Discovery Port value (it can be changed in Settings)
  • The Network Name must be the same on all devices (it can be changed in Settings in Missing Link Pro)

If they still don’t find each other, please use the support form at the bottom of this page and hopefully we can get it working!

ANDROID NOTE: Some screens don’t list all devices. For example, the Add Sync screens only list devices which are running Missing Link Pro as Synching is not enabled in the Free version. Also, when using the Select Device menu on the Remote screen, this will only show devices that can be remote controlled.

How can I copy files between devices?


When you have selected the remote device:

  • Touch the “Browse” button for that device which will show you all shared folders that device is configured to provide.
  • Browse to the file or folder you want to copy.
  • Use the checkboxes next to the file or folder names to select what you want to copy
  • In the action bar at the top select the “copy to clipboard” button.

Now go back to the main screen and click Browse for your local device:

  • Browse into the folder where you would like to paste the files
  • Touch the “paste from clipboard” button on the top right.

Copying from your device to the remote device is the inverse of the above.


Double-click the device you want to transfer files with:

  • Browse the shared folders on the remote device.
  • Select the files as you would in explorer (single click, control-click for multiple selection, or shift-click to select a range of devices).
  • Click the Download button, select where to paste the files, and click OK.

Copying from your device to the remote device is the inverse of the above, or as a short cut you can drag files from explorer into the remote devices browse window!

How can I stop a file transfer?


While a file is transferring, a notification will appear in the Android notification panel which shows the transfers progress. To stop the transfer simply swipe it out of the notification panel, as you would do to remove any other notification.


Cancelling can only be done on the main windows Transfers tab at the moment. Simply right click on the transfer and use the menu provided. Right clicking does not work on the bottom panel of the device screen.

What is the purpose of the Network Name setting?

Missing Link network names act like a “password” to your network. If you use the default name, any device on your WiFi network with the same network name will be able to connect, remote control, share files, etc. If you don’t want someone elses device to see, remote control, or transfer files with your device, you can change the network name on each of your devices to something different.

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